Thursday, November 25, 2010

time to count blessings.

Something about have time on your hands. My prayer is that my meantime is spent remembering the goodness of God and gaining trust in the goodness of God for the future. So today, while I'm waiting, I'm using my time to count my blessings.

-I am healthy.
-I have a job, a home, and provisions.
-I have friends who encourage and build me up, who challenge me, and who love me even at my worst.
-I'm thankful for my family and who God has made them to be in my life and my story. I am thankful for how He continues to unfold us.
-I am thankful for growth through pain and hurt.
-I have the unrelenting love of a Savior who needs nothing from me.

It's days like these that it's easy to see what is true: even while I wait, God is more than enough.

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  1. :) I really like talking about thankfulness and hearing what people are thankful for -- this is such a cool holiday, and you're right--it is easy to see what's true on days like today. Another thought -- it makes me giddy thinking about God's goodness...and the fact that he allows us to take this journey of gaining trust in His goodness, all the while walking right beside us, is pretty freakin' awesome!