Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So here I am....back in the laundry mat.
(If you don't know what I'm referencing or have always wondered why there are washing machines on this background, check out this post.)

I'm in a place of waiting still and once again.  The anticipation of many of my friends moving away has come and gone just as quickly as it seems my time with them has.  I am mentally overloaded at the moment by a tsunami of stimuli from a worship conference I've been attending this week.  I've been spending time with the Lord more than I have in a long time and feeling like it's just bouncing off the ceiling.  It feels like I'm just waiting here for something to happen.  It's like when I was learning to play guitar.  I quit so many times because no matter what I did, I felt like I wasn't improving, until break throughs began to happen after much time and effort.  Persistence.   It took lots of time.

I'm waiting on a break through in life.  Something's spinning in the dryer, but it's still not done yet.  You waiting too?  Read on.

This entry is dedicated to persistence while the dryer spins.

One of the best things I've heard this week is this: The way to become refreshed in life, ministry, and joy is by meditating on God's great intentions for us.  God is good and He has good in mind for us.  Period.  I'm holding onto that while I'm in this funky life spot.  I'm meditating and learning to believe that God has good plans for me.

This one is touchy.  For those of you whose waiting thing is a spouse, or even if you are married, hear this:  "Independence creates separation.  A covenant is the binding of two separate lives into one."  I love independence.  I'm quickly learning about its dangers though.  I become self-sufficient and don't allow others to serve me.  I don't consider others' ideas or viewpoints before acting.  Whatever it is, I can handle it on my own and won't allow others to help, even when it's mostly to invite them into my life.  What a fast way to push people away.  I'm fighting it.  Folks, I know you love to jam to the song, but don't embrace your Miss Independent attitude.  Learn to live in community.  Learn to serve others and allow others to serve you.  Find people to be utterly vulnerable and transparent with.  Allow yourself to be "inconvenienced" for the sake of relationship.  You'll be glad you did both for the sake of relationships now and later.

A couple of times this week I have been in situations where others were praying over me.  None of the people knew me really much at all nor did they know anything about my story.  One prayed a very specific prayer that I would give up control over areas of my life that I have fear and timidity about and need to have locked up.  As another person prayed for me, they pleaded with God that I had been obedient and faithful and was asking for the desires of my heart to come into being.  Wow.  People I don't know praying prayers that I needed on my behalf.  Awesomeness.  It made me realize, though, that I need to be in persistent prayer about the things on my heart and mind.  The lesson is this: Be persistent in prayer about the things in your life that hurt, need healing, bring joy, or that you are anxiously anticipating.  If it's a spouse you're praying for, make a list of qualities and seek the Lord about that person.  If you're going to marry them, your future spouse is worth praying for.  Whatever it is, talk to Dad about it.  He cares about you more than you could ever care about anything or anyone.  Do it.  I triple dog dare you.

The enemy, satan, hates patient hearts.  He wants us to get all worked up and anxious and he will attack and tempt us.  I'm pleading with you to pray against the attacks of the enemy.  Pray against impurity both mentally and physically.  Pray against lies that the enemy tells us about our identity.  Pray against the lies that you're alone.  You're not, nor will you ever be.  Emmanuel is our promise--it means "God is with us."  Walk with someone else to be honest about struggles as well as to stay accountable during them.  And hear me when I say that God's Word is your defense against these traps.  Be in the Word.  Don't leave home or stay home, for that matter, without it.

Relax. :-)  I heard this today, too: ""Most of us live like orphans--working very hard, worrying very deeply, hiding very thoroughly--not trusting our Father to take care of us."  Take a deep breath.  Trust your Dad.  He's got you.  He's working on you in the meantime and getting you ready for what lies outside the laundry mat.

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