Tuesday, January 10, 2012

waiting in faith.

I love being in Nicaragua.  No matter the location, people are very interesting to me.  This is especially true here in Nicaragua.

There's a woman named Rosa Laura.  I spent some time with her last year.  She is a strong woman of the Lord.  She captures what it means to pray without ceasing.  She lives in huge faith.  We visited her on Sunday afternoon at her home.  I was giddy to see her again and catch some of her contagious strength in faith.

She told us three stories.  All three were about waiting.

The first..
Rosa Laura told us that her son had a dream 3 nights before we were visiting her.  He told Rosa Laura that he never had dreams, but he had one that a group of missionaries would be coming to their house soon.  She laughed when we walked in the door and said that she'd been expecting us and was overjoyed that we were finally there.  She said she was glad we would be coming because she'd been sick and needed some encouragement and company.  Talk about a welcome!  When she'd heard this dream from her son, she wondered if they'd be missionaries that she'd met before or new ones.  She told us it was a delight to see some she knew and meet some for the first time.  God had told her we were coming.  She was waiting for us.

The second...
Rosa Laura told us about a time not long ago that her husband was out of work.  She told him he must have faith in God's provision and trust that He would provide work.  He told Rosa Laura it was nearly impossible because they had so little to live on.  She told him "I have a lot of faith.  Faith enough for both of us.  God is going to provide."  She began praying when she couldn't sleep one night.  She said her prayers were around 4am.  She prayed in faith and waited for God to answer.  The wait was short.  By 6:30am that morning, a man had arrived at their house saying that he needed employees for his business and wanted to give Rosa Laura's husband a job.  She waited in faith for God to give a job.

The third...
A few months ago, Rosa Laura's son came to her and said that he was hungry.  She didn't have food to give him.  They were having a hard time while her husband was out of work.  She had to deal with a mother's worst nightmare--being unable to provide for your children.  She pleaded and prayed that morning.  She told God that she knew He was good and would provide.  She told God that she trusted Him.  She praised and worshiped Him even in this desperate time.  That afternoon, a woman arrived at the door asking if someone named "Rosa" lived there.  The woman said that earlier that day she was washing clothes and she heard God's voice say, "stop washing clothes, go get food from your store and take it to a woman named Rosa."  She did that very thing.  That afternoon, she carried a large tray of food to Rosa's house.  Her family could eat for another day or two.  Her eyes were filled with joyous tears as she told us the story.  She said "I knew He would provide.  I have faith.  God is good."  She waited for God to provide nourishment.

This woman isn't passive.  She prays incessantly.  She waits believing that what she asks for will come.  It's amazing how often it does.  It makes me wonder, when I wait, am I having faith in God's provision?  Do I actually believe in His promises to provide?  Just some food for thought...and a whole lot of faith from a woman who inspires me to believe wholeheartedly.  It's beautiful.

I pray God grants you stories in your life right now of His provisionf or those who wait in faith.  I pray that your faith would also be strengthened in hearing them, so that you may also wait in faith, knowing that God is good.

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