Sunday, February 13, 2011

love is here.'s that time of year again.  You know...Valentine's Day.  The time of the year where love is acquired and admired, cussed and discussed.  In honor of all that jazz, here's a video to throw your way.

No matter your relationship status, your desired relationship status, or the social engagements you have arranged for the holiday, know this: love is here.  I'm not gonna go all "Jesus is my Valentine" on you, but seriously.  Life and love is bigger than our human capacity to love or be loved by another person.  If we lose that perspective, we become idolaters and end up settling for a love way smaller than what we were made for.  I got news for you all...even if your valentine is the bee's knees, you were made to be loved by Jesus, and he or she ain't gonna hit that mark.

So the favorite part is this:
 Come to the treasure, you who search
And you'll search no more.
Come to the Lover you who want
And you'll want no more.

Love is here. love is now.
Love is pouring from his hands, from his brow.
Love is near, it satisfies.
Streams of mercy flowing from his side.  --Tenth Avenue North

No other love from any other human can be that for you.  He created you, knows all of you, and is crazy about you.  You don't have to fix yourself up to get it or put your best foot forward.  You don't have to have your junk figured first--He rather you didn't pretend to, actually.  Jesus' love is here and it satisfies.  It's challenging and it can be scary because there's nothing you can do to lose or gain it.  It demands change because nothing can stay unaffected by it.  It's perfect.  It never fails.  It's deep, high, long, and wide.  You can never be separated from it.  It's yours in Christ.  Right now and always.  Finally, something you don't have to wait for.

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